So You Want to Appeal to the Masses, eh?

Everything online is always crafted. The sender makes specific choices  during the process to persuade and communicate a specific message to the mass audience. Although this can take many forms, we can evaluate it through at least 5 different characteristics; colour, clothing, camera angle, edits and cuts and visible entities. Let’s look at these characteristics by using Hillary Clinton’s most recent campaign video as an example:


From the colour of the wallpaper to the shade of a person’s hair – colour is always purposeful.

For example – looking at Hillary Clinton’s most recent campaign video. The colour of her clothing is red and blue and her air is blonde-ish white. Subliminally these colours together, evoke feelings of patriotism making the audience  nationalistic when analyzing Hillary as a candidate.


Everyday when we get dressed in the morning, we intentionally choose clothing that reflects our mood and occasion. However, we are also unintentionally showing our social class and personality.

Now look at all the people in the videos. We have blue collared workers who are… literally wearing blue collared shirt (creative). Hillary is wearing her classic jacket that makes her look powerful and conservative. It is a clever way to craft an identity without the person having to say a word.

Visible entities:

Ensuring that every member of the audience can find something relatable in the message means that media has to make sure they include something tangible for each group.

 This commercial attempts to hit on people from all different walks of life. It represents getting ready for retirement, starting a family, members of the LGBTQ community and many others. This of course to make Hillary Clinton – a upper middle class woman and previous first lady – more relatable to the middle class American. That’s why the majority of the video is of other Americans as opposed to her.

 Edits and Cuts:

Edits and cuts can totally change the mood and effect of the media towards the masses. If it is one continuous cut or whether it is broken up into different pieces it changes the naturalness and consistency of the piece.

You’ll notice all the cuts that are happening constantly to show all the people it possibly can. Even at the end when Hillary is talking – they cut away from her to show more individuals while she does a voiceover. Makes it appear as if she is looking over them – she is there even if she isn’t.

Camera Angle:

The way that the camera is positioned influences the genre and overall tone of media. It dictates the status of the not only the person watching the media but also the position of the audience.

After looking at all these different types of people, we finally finish on Hillary. The Camera angle is at eye height, making the audience feel like she is their equal. The angle reinforces how relatable she is (even though she really isn’t).

So when you are creating a piece of media for the mass audience and population – make sure that you are aware of all these different aspects so you can expertly craft your message.

Good luck studying all of the class of EID100. We got this.

Digitally yours,
Digital Guru


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