Information is Beautiful: The Life of an Infographic

Columns and spreadsheets of data can sometimes be very intimidating to digest. The poor aesthetic of the numbers distracts from the original intent of the data.

Enter the infographic!  A way of making even the ugliest information attractive. This way, data can go back to it’s original purpose – to communicate knowledge from the sender to the receiver.

So I set out to test out this new “beautiful” philosophy that is being adopted by blogs, corporations, schools and communities all over the web.  I created a very basic infographic on some of the information covered in the blog Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik on his system of analyzing social media metrics.




By making information beautiful, we are making it more accessible.

I made the infographic on Piktochart which was a great medium! I used one of their templates as a guide and then added my data. It was like using an easier version of Photoshop (which is great when you are still experimenting with design platforms). I really enjoyed the process. Not only did it make my information beautiful, it made beautifying data, a great experience!

Digitally yours,
Digital Guru


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