Filtered Twitter: Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck. An application that allows you to always be “on deck” when it comes to controlling your social media presence.

Tweetdeck is a download that combines all the different sections of Twitter into one accessible interface. This means that you can streamline your newsfeed, notifications, direct messages and activity log. How convenient is that? Well I would say that convenience comes at a cost.


If I was an entrepreneur who was running my personal, school and business Twitter accounts – Tweetdeck would sync all the accounts together so the information is in one easily accessible spot. So if I wanted to check out who has posted a new tutorial to their blogs, see if my friend has direct messaged me back or check if my business venture is getting social media attention – I can do it all in one place! No problem!

However, with all this greatness comes some dangers too. Allowing the user to create their own unique Tweetdeck experience might be great BUT it’s also limiting. Tweetdeck allows you to include tweets with certain keywords and accounts and exclude other keywords and accounts. This sounds great of course – but it’s also a little worrying. Doesn’t this just contribute to the filter bubble that social media can force us into?

Just for fun, I did an experiment – including all positive keywords and excluding all negative keywords. I was left with a very happy, sunshine and rainbows newsfeed completely ignorant to any of the tough stuff going on in the world today. If I relied heavily on Twitter as my main source of news I would left totally in the dark only hearing about the 77 year old man who coaching a little league baseball team in a small rural town. Don’t get me wrong that’s great news, but I am missing the global context we live in when I focus on the small town achievements. In society today, ignorance is not bliss it is irresponsible. Making sure that your filters will not leave you purposefully in the dark is crucial to being a contributing member of the online world.
Information curation is a step in the right direction for sorting through mindless junk on social media and monitoring your social media presence but we always have to be careful about how much a filter we create so that all the key data still gets to us.

All hands on deck!

Digitally Yours,

Digital Guru


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