Beat the Hacker

Hello all!

Today marks a very important today. Today I, and my partner, embark a new journey of blogging. We are beginning a new blog together (blogging with others is always a great idea). We are proposing a 5 part blog series discussing the ambiguous and very daunting topic of – INTERNET PRIVACY.

Eye roll

Yes, I know many of you are may be rolling your eyes thinking “we’ve heard this all a million times, we get that the internet is a deep and dangerous pit of hackers and insane people out to get us” – but seriously, now is not the time to tune out of listening to your parents/teacher preach about this stuff.

I think it’s not the information that is causing the tune out but the medium in which it is being communicated. Which is why we have created this blog! Now student to student – can communicate about an extremely important topic in a more accessible way!

Check out our video pitch here!

Pretty sweet eh?
So keep checking up for details!

Digital Guru


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