Feedly – Bitter or Sweet?

What is a Feedly account?

If any of you are like me and are so oblivious to any media other than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and your other favourite news sites then you are probably as confused as I was when I first heard of Feedly. Feedly is a personalized RSS feed which streams your interests from different websites onto one concise newsfeed. But woah, what is an RSS feed? And does Feedly give food? Well my Internetly naive, friends, do not worry – I am here to help.


An abbreviation for a fancy title called a Rich Site Summary. The key word here is summary –  it condenses and provides fast up to date information and headlines for all the sites that you select. Sounds really great right? Well let’s take a closer look…

So what does Feedly have on the menu?

For all you passive Internet lovers Feedly offers the convenience of a standard RSS feed is so you don’t have to sift through Facebook statuses, awkward tweets or even annoying blog posts to find the information you are looking for.

A stream of blogs, headlines, images, videos and posts that are personalized to fit your own likes and tastes. Pretty neat, eh? Instead of you searching for the information you crave, Feedly will bring a full plate right to your seat.

Shall we say that it is feeding our internet obsessions?

Yes? Laugh, it’s funny.

It’s not you…it’s me?

I agree that it’s great to organize the wide web using Feedly and tailor content to our interests. But as students, it’s our job to think critically and ask – is this a step in the right direction for the Internet? With other social media experiences I can reblog, retweet or comment to to create dialogue, provoke or just to poke fun at the millions of other users. It’s what makes the Internet the twisted and yet character building place it is today. With Feedly, I feel a lack of participation, I didn’t have to go out into the online community to find information it came right to me. It’s like always ordering in a pizza to your house because you don’t want to run into people at the grocery store (yes more food references). Furthermore, half of the fun of the internet is getting lost within the world of other content out there and finding something new and exciting just like you would on the shelves of the grocery store. The Internet is made for the brave new generation and Feedly just seems too safe for me.

So What’s the Verdict?

I can’t dispute Feedly’s convenience but I can challenge how Feedly (and other RSS feed sites for that matter) zap away my online community and digital interaction. I, for one am not ready to trade off convenience for communication…it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Digital Guru


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