Digital Hygiene 101

Digital hygiene is equally as important as personal hygiene. Nobody wants to read a poorly composed tweet just as much as nobody wants to sit next to the person who showered in AXE. Either way, the situation stinks. As an emerging professional and student studying communications – it has come to my attention the importance of looking polished in person as well as on social media.  You want your digital identity to provide an accurate depiction of your image online, for future employers and colleagues to see. So, to help you make this media transition I give you my top 4 hygiene equivalencies to keep you smelling digitally delicious:

  • toothbrushFlossing – “I’ve already brushed my teeth so no need to floss today, right?” Wrong. Getting right in-between your pearly whites will not only make your teeth happier and your breath fresher but it will also help your digital image. Flossing out the filler words in your tweet, status or overall post will help you get to the point of your message and engage your audience from the start.
  • ShowerShowering: This one is really important. Keep. It. Clean. Wash away those embarrassing old accounts, statuses and pictures that today you wish had never happened. Don’t post language or content that you think would demean or insult your audience. If you want to appeal to a larger audience, especially in a professional context make sure your content is appropriate for that audience to see. Not just some of it – all of it. Giving yourself a digital shower will make you appear more professional and put together.
  • ArrowSwitch it up – We all love to switch up our aesthetic in response to the weather, personality and environment we are in. This means suiting up in jackets and mittens for winter, dying your hair black to reflect your teenage angst or keeping up with the most recent styles. When you are on the web, it is important to keep your followers engaged by always creating new content, adding new segments or updating your profile. Keeping your online content fresh will boost your reputation and increase your following.
  • GlassesStyle – We all use our physical bodies as canvases for our personality through makeup, clothing, and other aesthetics. Individuals that are confident and unique stand out and draw people in. So when you are posting on the web give yourself a voice, tone and personality through graphics, text and content that will put you a step above the others.

Make sure that your digital self reflects your physical self – if you are clean, crisp and polished as an individual everyday, why wouldn’t you want your media to reflect that?


Digital Guru

*All images presented here are not mine and therefore I own none of the rights
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