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Hello all!

Today marks a very important today. Today I, and my partner, embark a new journey of blogging. We are beginning a new blog together (blogging with others is always a great idea). We are proposing a 5 part blog series discussing the ambiguous and very daunting topic of – INTERNET PRIVACY.

Eye roll

Yes, I know many of you are may be rolling your eyes thinking “we’ve heard this all a million times, we get that the internet is a deep and dangerous pit of hackers and insane people out to get us” – but seriously, now is not the time to tune out of listening to your parents/teacher preach about this stuff.

I think it’s not the information that is causing the tune out but the medium in which it is being communicated. Which is why we have created this blog! Now student to student – can communicate about an extremely important topic in a more accessible way!

Check out our video pitch here!

Pretty sweet eh?
So keep checking up for details!

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Feedly – Bitter or Sweet?

What is a Feedly account?

If any of you are like me and are so oblivious to any media other than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and your other favourite news sites then you are probably as confused as I was when I first heard of Feedly. Feedly is a personalized RSS feed which streams your interests from different websites onto one concise newsfeed. But woah, what is an RSS feed? And does Feedly give food? Well my Internetly naive, friends, do not worry – I am here to help.


An abbreviation for a fancy title called a Rich Site Summary. The key word here is summary –  it condenses and provides fast up to date information and headlines for all the sites that you select. Sounds really great right? Well let’s take a closer look…

So what does Feedly have on the menu?

For all you passive Internet lovers Feedly offers the convenience of a standard RSS feed is so you don’t have to sift through Facebook statuses, awkward tweets or even annoying blog posts to find the information you are looking for.

A stream of blogs, headlines, images, videos and posts that are personalized to fit your own likes and tastes. Pretty neat, eh? Instead of you searching for the information you crave, Feedly will bring a full plate right to your seat.

Shall we say that it is feeding our internet obsessions?

Yes? Laugh, it’s funny.

It’s not you…it’s me?

I agree that it’s great to organize the wide web using Feedly and tailor content to our interests. But as students, it’s our job to think critically and ask – is this a step in the right direction for the Internet? With other social media experiences I can reblog, retweet or comment to to create dialogue, provoke or just to poke fun at the millions of other users. It’s what makes the Internet the twisted and yet character building place it is today. With Feedly, I feel a lack of participation, I didn’t have to go out into the online community to find information it came right to me. It’s like always ordering in a pizza to your house because you don’t want to run into people at the grocery store (yes more food references). Furthermore, half of the fun of the internet is getting lost within the world of other content out there and finding something new and exciting just like you would on the shelves of the grocery store. The Internet is made for the brave new generation and Feedly just seems too safe for me.

So What’s the Verdict?

I can’t dispute Feedly’s convenience but I can challenge how Feedly (and other RSS feed sites for that matter) zap away my online community and digital interaction. I, for one am not ready to trade off convenience for communication…it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Digital Guru

Digital Hygiene 101

Digital hygiene is equally as important as personal hygiene. Nobody wants to read a poorly composed tweet just as much as nobody wants to sit next to the person who showered in AXE. Either way, the situation stinks. As an emerging professional and student studying communications – it has come to my attention the importance of looking polished in person as well as on social media.  You want your digital identity to provide an accurate depiction of your image online, for future employers and colleagues to see. So, to help you make this media transition I give you my top 4 hygiene equivalencies to keep you smelling digitally delicious:

  • toothbrushFlossing – “I’ve already brushed my teeth so no need to floss today, right?” Wrong. Getting right in-between your pearly whites will not only make your teeth happier and your breath fresher but it will also help your digital image. Flossing out the filler words in your tweet, status or overall post will help you get to the point of your message and engage your audience from the start.
  • ShowerShowering: This one is really important. Keep. It. Clean. Wash away those embarrassing old accounts, statuses and pictures that today you wish had never happened. Don’t post language or content that you think would demean or insult your audience. If you want to appeal to a larger audience, especially in a professional context make sure your content is appropriate for that audience to see. Not just some of it – all of it. Giving yourself a digital shower will make you appear more professional and put together.
  • ArrowSwitch it up – We all love to switch up our aesthetic in response to the weather, personality and environment we are in. This means suiting up in jackets and mittens for winter, dying your hair black to reflect your teenage angst or keeping up with the most recent styles. When you are on the web, it is important to keep your followers engaged by always creating new content, adding new segments or updating your profile. Keeping your online content fresh will boost your reputation and increase your following.
  • GlassesStyle – We all use our physical bodies as canvases for our personality through makeup, clothing, and other aesthetics. Individuals that are confident and unique stand out and draw people in. So when you are posting on the web give yourself a voice, tone and personality through graphics, text and content that will put you a step above the others.

Make sure that your digital self reflects your physical self – if you are clean, crisp and polished as an individual everyday, why wouldn’t you want your media to reflect that?


Digital Guru

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